Cleansing a school from Poltergeist activity…

Just a few weeks ago I was called upon as part of a specialist team of mediums, to cleanse a school of poltergeist activity. It was reported that several strange events had taken place in the school, such that there were now some very frightened children and staff needing our help and assistance. An attempt had been made earlier by another mediumship team but the poltergeist had firmly spoken and said it was not leaving. As well as this verbal activity, other events that had happened included cold spots, computers turning themselves on when they had been switched off, strange bangs and noises, ghostly sightings of a male entity, and taps turning themselves on in the children’s toilets. All of this was enough to stop the children (and adults) from wishing to use certain parts of the school and presenting no-go areas particularly for the school caretaker.

Upon entering the school and meeting some of its staff, it was immediately clear that their stress levels were at a max and they had witnessed enough activity to become distraught. I led the team and tasked them to deploy the following equipment:

  • All Spectrum Camera – (to photograph the main areas of activity)
  • Laser Thermometer – (to detect hot and cold spots)
  • EMF Meter – (to detect fluctuations in electrical energy)
  • Compass – (to detect shifts in electromagnetic energy)
  • Black Light – (to distinguish orb energy from air contaminants)
  • EVP Recorder – (to record sound extending beyond normal human frequency range)
  • Thermal Camera – (to detect and record temperature based spirit activity)

Initially the main rooms of activity were swept with the above equipment. Whilst temperature and EMF variations were recorded in the computer room (where computers had been affected in the past), and the rooms containing the toilet block, there was a specific range of feedback from several instruments in a storeroom/garage type building, which was located between all the rooms affected. The mediums clearly detected orbs, spirit colours and spirit energies within this room. There was one point in this room in particular that presented a vortex of energy, sufficient to turn a compass to read opposite poles. This is where I located myself and I concentrated my efforts on tuning in to this energy to engage in communication with the entity there. The poltergeist/spirit was a little hesitant at first, but eventually came forward to communicate [See thermal images below which captured this moment].

Spirit coming close and touching the boundary of my aura for communication










After taking time to carefully and calmly communicate with the entity, the poltergeist then withdrew its energy. At several points during the discussion, the Poltergeist said yes and I understand. This was recorded upon the EVP [with recordings below].

Thank you Yes Still Here

After the discussions, the energy eventually left the building(s) and a protection prayer was invoked to place light and protection around the school and the storeroom in particular, with no apparent recurrences being reported since.

Blessings from AlanC x

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3 Responses to Cleansing a school from Poltergeist activity…

  1. Mario says:

    School was horrible for me. I think there are poltergeists in my life. My brother and dad and most of my grandparents are dead now. What do you see?

    • acarter says:

      Hi Mario and thank you for your reply.

      School is so full of hormone driven negative energy, as youngsters come to terms with their physical and spiritual bonds. I have never in my days seen such energy balanced, even by the most strict religious orders. I am sorry to hear of your loss of loved ones also. People take grief and loss in so many different ways and the pain is quite often proportional to the Love one had whilst such souls walked among us.

      I don’t know your particular circumstances but I do know that life can be retrieved from enveloping darkness. I will say a prayer and invoke angelic protection. This will only half work unless you also meet my energies around you by saying a prayer for cleansing and protection every morning and every night. Between us this should drive away any negative energies.

      Blessings from AlanC

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