Global Spiritual Unity…

With atrocities all around the World in the name of terrorism and counter terrorism, one is left to wonder if humankind, will ever get it right!

The solution is far more complex than dropping a few bombs on terror groups, or sending the odd drone to do some clinical ‘removal’ of terrorist representatives. Similarly, terrorists will never be able to justify pointless killing of the innocent!

The true solution can probably never be achieved as the World is today and, with the above circle of events caught in a never ending loop!

Yes it would be ‘convenient’ if there was a dwindling source of terrorists to worry about. If they all wore a suicide vest and blew themselves up, then surely, eventually, the problem would just resolve itself!

Sadly, whilst there are people who succumb to the rhetoric and brainwashing tactics of others, then there will always be a fresh supply of ‘would-be’ martyrs. Ready to take innocent lives in the name of whatever cause.

The real solution lies in tackling issues in the global community, that humankind has created as part of its natural evolution. Today there are too many self interests to be protected in the name of maintaining ‘power’ and ‘control’.

Ask yourself, what would you do differently if you were starting again now…

Remove poverty by sharing the worlds food and water resources proportionally between nations?
Ensure equable treatment of other fellow human beings, equal opportunities, equal rights, equal pay?
Remove World boundaries?
Adopt one common language?
Implement a common trade system between all Countries?
Have all individuals pay into a World Social fund for global welfare?
Ensure people understand their spiritual responsibilities that extend well beyond a short physical life on Earth?

Unfortunately the enlightened solution above, will never become a reality, whilst there is self interest in the name of ’National Interest’ and this applies throughout the World.

The solution then?

The World must think and act as one co-ordinated body and that does not mean a ‘G20′, Independent states, or even Independent Countries. Write as many treaties as you like and it will still result in a demarcation between interests. Nobody owns a ‘Country’ but we all share a World! To think spiritually, requires a formal recognition that the World belongs to all people and accept too, that everyone is linked both spiritually and by virtue of common existence and humanity. It is not what you are or what you own… it is what you do for others, deferring to doing the right thing and not the wrong, that matters!

This is a big ask for World Leaders and currently they are not up to the challenge! So until then we must accept that terrorism is a fact of life. A by-product of the inadequacies of the current World Order. Let us hope and pray, that one day the population of the World awakens and realises the error of its ways.

I am proud to be a citizen of the World, united in spirit with my fellow human beings and bound (by the inherent knowledge of what is right and wrong), to do the correct thing by my counterparts, looking after and caring for them and the natural world around us. Why not purge your own thoughts and start again on the right path?

It is never too late to make a start!



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2 Responses to Global Spiritual Unity…

  1. John Cook says:

    Thank you for bringing some sanity into a world where it seems the opposite’s in control. It’s as if right now we have to make the choice to either live in “World A” where everything works and connects together like a puzzle, where we take responsibility how our life progresses or we let ourselves become victims to it and create and choose to live in “World B,” where we continue surviving our created chaos creating the very thing that dooms our survival. If Evolution depends on extreme chaos than I believe we’re witnessing our next extinction along with our own Evolution. It’s connections that make sense like this one that need to flourish, so like I say Thank you and what is meant to happen always does.

    • acarter says:

      Thank you John for your very kind words of support. The World certainly needs more sanity for sure. As you rightly say, Karma will have its day and the World will change or be changed. Like minded individuals striving for greater good must endure, or otherwise, what is there to look forward to if there is only darkness!

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