Ever Near…

Today I saw an Angel
Bringing Love from Them to You
It was crouching by your bedside
I knew just what to do
I told you it was there for you
The Energy so clear
Reaching out your hand to feel it
You sensed your loved ones near
They feel your pain, so they come close
Oh, if only you could see
A veil between, but nonetheless
Around us they can be
“Fear not” they say, “the life you lead
Nor feel lonely or unsure
Guidance comes from up above
With Love and Light so pure
Walk the path and know your goals
Set your life-bar high
Then walk in Faith, and Hope, and Love
And you can touch the sky
Know that we are here for you
In every step you take
And when you falter on the way
Learn from mistakes you make
Yes, we could make change, its true
But that  would break a rule
 Just know that when your time has come
We will pick you up from School.”
Love and Peace
Alan x
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3 Responses to Ever Near…

  1. John Cook says:

    Again and again and again I would like to thank you for the love and the amazing connection to life that this Poem inspires. I am blessed to be living at the time when ” that’s going to hurt when I get older” has become reality. And I find myself as a Grandfather and Dad to three & three along with a partner to share this all with, that I smile every day. Beautiful and Inspiring. A long time ago, when Johnny Carson was on the air, I was turning the TV off and going upstairs to bed when I heard as the sound of an electronic monotone voice outside my window saying “Remember Me.” Shaking with either fear and adrenalin I turned all the lights off and went outside. Nothing but a cold chill is all I found. I don’t really care about anyone believing because I know what I distinctly heard but I felt a strong connection to what we choose to call the “After Life” or Alien being. I live on an Island in Washington State that where my Wife and I built our house is Rural. Any insight? Love to you and continue sharing.

    • acarter says:

      Dear John,

      Thank you again for your continued support and kind inspiration. This is what keeps me going, as I try to devote any precious spare time to AU. As for any insight? Yes…The grace and beauty of one so lovely, a gentle soul and one who gave yet was embarrassed to take. The life she graced you with was so precious, that you would not, nor could not move on from it. Keep those memories safe and that candle burning. In spirit, love endures. That is not being unfaithful to those that you may be with thereafter, as there is plenty of space for their love too in the astral realms. Blessings John.

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