Protection and Grounding

When a sensitive ‘awakens’ the process usually starts with them having lucid dreams, or they start hearing noises, having their names called out, or they observe something unusual associated with one of the five senses. At first these activities are spurious, then after a period of time which varies amongst people, such occurrences become all the more common, sometimes even to the point where the individual is concerned as to their sanity!

A trip to a Doctor may well be of help in certain cases. However it is also feasible at this point, that a person may consider some spiritual guidance and one of the few avenues open to them is that of a visit to their local spiritualist church. A spiritualist church would consider with the individual, the possibility of them working with their ‘awakened’ abilities through development classes with the ultimate possibility of them working ‘in service’ to the church.

Regardless of the route a person would take however, the topic of ‘Protection’ would, and rightly should, be encountered. Protection in mediumship terms relates to the subject of firmly closing one’s physical ‘portals’ to spirit, henceforth taking control of just when or not, a spirit is able to connect with them. These portals are otherwise known as Chakras and to some, just the very mention of these sensitive energy points, sounds a bit surreal. Protection through control of these key areas however, is one of the first things a medium is taught and it works!

Although there are arguably about 58000 chakras (or energy centres) in the human body, a medium is taught to concentrate on seven key ones.

1. The crown just above the top of the head.
2. The third eye which is between the eyebrows.
3. The throat which also connects to your palms.
4. The heart in the middle of your chest as the chakras run parallel to your spine.
5. The solar plexus between your heart and navel.
6. The sacral above your groin region and
7. The root chakra at the base of your spine.

To close the Chakras as an exercise, one may like to consider the following approach:

First sit comfortably then visualise roots going down from your feet through the ground to anchor you to Mother Earth. Then visualise white light pouring down your whole body from a point just above the top of your head. Let it filter through you aura and visualise the white light completely filling the inside of your body. As you do this, visualise all dark energy flowing out of you through your ground roots to be dispersed into and cleansed by Mother Earth.

As you sit under and in the light, and once you feel purged of dark energy as light energy floods in, then concentrate on each chakra in turn. Working down from the crown, picture each chakra as a flower, usually a lily or lotus flower, and let it fold closed into a tight bud. Do this exercise for each chakra, letting the bud slowly close. (I visualise mine then receding into a hole with a little door on that I bolt over). Once you have closed each chakra (tightly) then you ask arch angel Michael to place protection around you and you can visualise this like a tight silver aura around your whole being. (I use the image of Robert Patrick in terminator 2 like a liquid metal casing around me).

Thats pretty much all their is to it? As a spiritual person goes through his or her day, the chakras may creep open. This leaves a person susceptible either to the influence of spirit energy, having their energy drained by others, or a person may even get too close to someone who is feeling down and absorb their negative energy into the aura. Therefore you need to reaffirm the above exercise throughout the day, to make sure the chakras are staying closed and protection remains in place. Once you become practiced you will probably just adopt a ‘first thing in the morning and last thing before bed’ routine.

Footnote on grounding…

If you find you are floating, becoming light headed, dizzy or generally feeling a little ‘not with it’ this could be a symptom of poor grounding. One could enhance the root grounding suggested above by doing natural things that bring one closer to the source(s) of nature. A bit of gardening or a little walk works wonders. Often when I am grounding I visualise a stream of water draining through me and into Mother Earth and I visualise its course through the strata of earth below, to ground me deeper still. Water is also an excellent cleansing visualisation that, when used with light, can allow all one’s negative energy to be driven out of the body and into the earth for diffusion and dissipation.

Love and Peace from AlanC.

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4 Responses to Protection and Grounding

  1. technogran says:

    the paragraph on grounding is so very absorbing it made me feel relaxed just reading it god bless alan keep up the good work you do x

    • acarter says:

      Thank you for your kind words of support…Technogran. I am glad you find the site interesting and that particular post to be relaxing. Love and Peace be with you from AlanC. :-)

  2. just wanted to thank you for your note on grounding and protection. I’ve been to circles and have been guided in how others do this too, but its so good to read that what I envisage their instructions to mean, is how you have just described it too, in parts. Also, that what I practice doing naturally, it seems a few times a day is my instincts guiding me to repeat this process whenever necessary. I was afraid that my original instruction was incorrect as I keep getting reminded to close down. Im so glad your page answered one of those lingering questions for me, Thanks again. Peace and Love. Ruth

    • acarter says:

      Dear Ruth,
      Thank you for your kind words of feedback which are a great support for the work we do on AU. The notes on grounding and protection are a starting point and are not difinitive, in so much as you can soon develop your own visualisations and mantras/prayers to aid your own practice in this area. I humbly accept your thanks on behalf of my guides for being able to support the work you have done in mediumship circles and as you rightly state, instint (and intuition) should play a great part in what you do especially when working with spirit.
      Warmest regards, AlanC

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