Happy New Year?

We take this opportunity to wish all the peoples of the World a Happy New Year filled with Love, Peace and Health. But the World is changing. Every day we hear of more and more people that are not happy with their Government’s stance on certain aspects of life, or reject the evil around them from others. Many Countries are suffering, Syria, Egypt, India…esp. on the subject of that poor girl’s rape on a bus…terrible! Our thoughts and prayers are with all that are suffering from such base acts or face intimidation and abuse on a daily basis!

All matters of State or Heart, that can compel and motivate the masses to action, will ultimately have an impact upon the happiness of someone’s New Year. Therefore we ask that you support those who are facing such troubles, pain and suffering, with extra prayers of hope and Love. The World will continue to change there is no doubt, and as more and more illuminated people recognise right from wrong, we must be there for them, to help the World make it’s transition as a better place to Live.

Love and Peace from AlanC

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