Spirit energies…

During a recent readings night, I gave six people messages from spirit, in a lengthy, individual readings session. What is interesting is that each person was attending this service, not to find a particular loved one ( which is quite correct), but to receive love, support and guidance from any of their loved ones who had passed. Spirit entities were particularly keen to impart messages of love and support, and also help give direction to those who could not see a way forward in life for themselves.

The love of spirit is always enduring, in terms of providing assurances as to their continued existence and proof of ‘life’ after physical passing, and indeed validations of such, were provided to commence the readings. However, from this activity, I determined that the love of spirit extends far beyond this concept alone. I know not the boundaries of what spirit is, and is not, allowed to do for physical beings, but that evening I was privileged to be a channel for something much larger than our human comprehension. In this activity I found an all embracing love that extends well beyond the now, that stretches to the extremes of a persons lifetime on earth, and to a time when spirits will at some point in the future, be re-united with their loved ones again.

I give thanks to those energies that surround us and are an every-day part of our life, and I thank those higher energies that allow such interactions to take place. May we all be blessed with the love of spirit and be open to receive the guidance we need to maintain focus in our lives.

Love, Peace and Divine Blessings to all. X

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