Spiritualism Easy or Not?

Astral Unity posted a comment on Gabriel Szczurek’s poll “Is spirituality becoming a fix all pill without the work?”.

In my view one cannot be ‘spiritual’ (define spiritual?) WITHOUT working at it. At first…to achieve realisation…then constantly thereafter to maintain it! Spirituality in terms of an enlightened interaction with those spirit energies around us, human or otherwise, is not possible without constantly checking oneself, as one climbs that upwards spiral in order to reach kundalini. As Kundalini is not a steady state, one must then be prepared to put in an ever increasing amount of energy thereafter in order to re-attain it. If this concept is a bit ‘high brow’, then consider unconditional love of others as a meditation, and how easy it is to revert to ‘animal’ type when something as simple as someone pulling out in a car in front of you happens! It’s a long road to travel before you get to the point of seeing everything from a different and more rounded point of view and accepting it, offering blessings and forgiveness for such actions, in order to counter even the slightest negative energy before it takes hold!!!
Love and Peace to all.

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  1. Dre Headphones says:

    Awesome blog thanks for your time.

    • acarter says:

      Dear visitor,

      Thank you for looking in on the AU site and for your kind words of support. I am so pleased that you found our site so interesting and informative. There will be more to come over the future months and if you (or any of our web followers) have any questions to post then please feel free to do so.

      Warmest Regards, AlanC

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