Suicide… Don’t Do IT!

Life may seem desperate… Don’t do it…

Whatever you do… don’t do it
lives would be shattered… don’t do it
People would miss you… don’t do it
I would miss you… don’t do it

Life can be better… don’t do it
Things will pick up… don’t do it
It may take some time… don’t do it
People CAN help… don’t do it

We know you’re in pain… don’t do it
It saddens our hearts… don’t do it
Give life a chance… don’t do it
At least let us try… don’t do it

Depression can be fixed… don’t do it
light can return… don’t do it
There are many ways forward… don’t do it
Share your burden… don’t do it

© Alan Carter 2014

Talk and discuss your feelings with others when you are low and contemplating suicide. Many viewpoints and means of help can be provided by family, friends and even strangers, that may set you off on the path to recovery and upliftment. Thoughts of suicide are usually based on particular circumstances and negative influences apparent at a particular point of one’s life, that are a phase and will heal and be overcome with time. Even through grief, the body can adapt and heal the troubled mind, given time and a support structure. The support structure comes from involving others and sharing your thoughts, fears, concerns and even aspirations. So if your life circumstances are currently causing you to consider suicide… PLEASE… Don’t do it!

Blessings from AlanC at

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