They never leave us…

Yesterday, whilst in Church, working as a spiritual medium in open circle, I gave some messages to attendees from their loved ones. One was from a child spirit that had passed after only a short time on Earth and wanted to reach her Mother. Another was from an older man who was coming through to reach his wife. The messages were personal and unique to the recipient, with appropriate (and particular) validation to prove authenticity. The individual messages are private and confidential to those concerned, of course, but the essence of them was very similar.

Spirit energies are around us all the time and our loved ones do not ‘leave’ us, when they revert back to their spiritual essence, at death of the physical form. Our loved ones share every moment with us, they send love and happiness when we are celebrating and they send support energy when we feel down. However, one should not feel ‘spied upon’ where spirit is concerned. Nor should one feel ‘guilty’ if, for periods of time, long or short, their thoughts do not turn to those departed loved ones. Our loved ones do not feel abandoned nor do they bear any malice. In fact they bear no negative feelings at all towards those they love.

Spirit energies can be ‘dark’ or ‘light’, it is true for cosmic balance. However, the service of the Church and its Ministers (the mediums themselves), are directed, through training and higher spiritual guidance, to place protection around proceedings. Mediums, (sometimes called ‘Light Workers!’) will only interact with positive energies and energies ‘from the light’, therefore loved ones can be assured that there messages are from ‘friendly’ sources. I personally, have given positive messages from negative energies (not dark energies), that prove people on earth that were psychologically ‘down’, can be healed and uplifted once they make the transition back to spirit.

Our loved one’s still share our lives, still feel pride at our achievements and sympathise with our pain and suffering, often sending us signs of their presence and support, which we quite often miss! If you have a loved one in spirit, remember this. They will always love us and they miss our physical interaction(s) too and they also long for the day, when our energy ‘essence’ may be reunited with theirs, in the natural cycle of birth, death and spiritual renewal that is life itself.

Love and Peace from AlanC

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