A question of faith…

As we contemplate the collapse of a church at Monterrey in Mexico and consider the sad passing of the 10 Year old boy involved in this incident. Let us not forget to celebrate this child and acknowledge the light he brought to others in his short life on earth.
It is easy to criticise and say “how can god allow this to happen?”  Do you think some of the 200 congregation in the service during the time of the collapse, did not immediately consider their faith and question god’s integrity in this catastrophe? Maybe for just an instant! However, this was not an ‘Act of God’ but an event brought about from the building of a temporary man made structure! The enlightened amongst us all , will know that Regardless of the outcome, the reality is nonetheless the same. The essence of this child will be protected and live on, thanks to mercy of our ultimate divine spirit, who is always there to pick up the pieces after humankind has fallen!
May this child and his family be remembered at this difficult time. May all those facing similar tragic loss also be remembered with great affection and warmth by the rest of us as a global family. What we do to help others at the time of such tragedies is important, but so also, is what we do afterwards by way of directing love and support to all those who are left affected by it.
Love and Peace
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