Why is it that people cannot see, the beauty around both you and me
The leaves on the trees and the ones on the ground
Listen to the birds. Such a beautiful sound
The animal kingdom, the large and the small
Beautiful flowers, God made them all
Positive energy we send, In the form of prayer
To the ill and the starving, who suffer everywhere
Dear Lord, Heavenly Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth
At Christmas time, we celebrate your Son’s birth
We decorate our trees, with tinsel and holly
It is the season to be jolly!
Light up the fires, and watch the glow
Look out the window, “The picturesque snow”
A time for exchanging, our simple gifts
No more quarrelling, put an end to the rifts
My 1st Christmas, without “My Dear Mother”
The pain I feel, is like no other
But there’s a lot of people, suffering with grief
The key word here is “belief”
Death is not the end, its the start of a new life
Wether you have lost, your “husband or wife”
When “sons, daughters and babies” depart
Beautiful memories, remain in our heart
So out with the old, and in with the new
No-more sadness, and feeling blue
If you have no place to go, and are left in the lurch
We welcome you to our “Elite Spiritualist Church”
Messages from loved ones, Laughter, singing and prayer
And the importance of “our healing chair”
So Almighty Father, heaven above
We learn to give and receive, In form of “Love”
Reproduced by astralunity.com with kind permission of the author.
Copyright and all rights reserved by Yvonne Maria Wickes.
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One Response to Loss

  1. technogran says:

    that is beautiful where would we be without faith god bless our loved ones x

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