Spirit Rescue…

You know…I once engaged in a spirit rescue. I purged a woman of an evil spirit by prayer and a foul smelling demon exuding goodness only knows what, came right up to my face to threaten me! I was scared. He’ll yes! But I calmed myself with golden light and the words just came to me…I said “I fear nothing more, than I fear the Lord our God”. The Demon stopped dead in its tracks, looked angry (read frustrated because its intimidation did not work)…then quite bizzarely it laughed and flew off. With the demon out of the woman’s aura, she picked up right away.

I do not recommend others engage in such activity. I was advised throughout by my spirit guides and I was very well protected. Such ‘rescue’ work does go on though, through specialism as a consequence of development in medium circles. What you can take from this example, is the message that we all have the ability to send Love and Protection to others through prayer and it works!

Love and blessings to all from AlanC

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