Past lives revisted…

I Remember…
When I was but a young boy.
I see through a vignette,
a window to… Medieval times?

I run and play, youthful,
Young thoughts of a different kind.
Then something! A floating feeling
I watch a skinny body, fair haired lifting.

Rough straw on the ground, under me,
I remember mud and stones on the road.
Running out, a cart rolling along…
It was my last confused memory!

Was it?
There appears another form,
It is me but I am older.
Much older, middle aged even.

How long the gap?
I know not.
I am much older now,
A foreign merchant maybe?

Well dressed, waistcoat,
older style of dress. I feel…
Turkish? Middle Eastern at least,
I am overweight, fat even!

Hard to walk,
Too much of a good thing.
I am on bended knee and short of breath,
Over indulgence brings my demise.

The cycle starts. Again!

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