Where do new spirits come from…?

Yesterday the Spiritual Leader of a Mediumship Development Class asked me an interesting question. She said that when mediums worked on the rostrum of the Church they sometimes bring messages forward from ‘New Spirits’ rather than reincarnate spirits. This led to asking me the question above… where do new spirits come from. I asked my Spirit Guides and Angel ‘Astral’ to answer the question and keep it simple. Through meditation they gave the following answer…

… our spirit essence is formed of matter. That matter becomes ‘conscious’ on incarnation, developing more ‘self awareness’ thereafter and more ‘spiritual enlightenment’ during subsequent reincarnations. ‘New spirit’ is formed, when ‘new matter’ is formed from decayed matter arising from interactions elsewhere in the universe, thus achieving first consciousness as a human spirit, is like becoming a ‘new born child’ or ‘new spirit’!

Given that this is meant to be the simplified answer and our awareness of this quantum reality is but one tiny piece of a larger cosmic jigsaw, I thank Astral and my guides for this wisdom that has passed on to us all.

Alan at astralunity.com

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