News Headlines: Astral’s view…

Stabbing in Pentonville Prison… If society set and maintained its spiritual standards from birth, then prison would eventually be unecessary. The fact that prisons exist, is a testament to the failure of human society to support itself as a collective whole from the very beginning.

Trump vs Clinton… Do we really need politicians? When, with todays technology, we can all represent ourselves and have an immediate vote on matters affecting us as a global community!

Mars Probe… Let us put things right on this World first. As a global family we can conquer our planetary famine, diseases, cancer and inequality etc. before turning our attention to overcoming ‘other worldly’ aims much more effectively.

Brexit… UK Exit voters in general, were protesting against a European Superstate, with only a political say on a Euro Army, Euro Police, Euro Intelligence etc. etc. The common market is not going anywhere… any businessman would tell you that markets are a simple fact of supply and demand so no change there. To suggest that voters made a racism vote is simply an insult to the British Public.

Copper destroys MRSA… What can I say? The answers are all on mother earth. Nature and Mother Earth can look after all your needs. It’s just a shame that drug companies want you to forget this point, in order that a few chosen shareholders can be allowed to make a fortune from your health misery!

Love and Peace

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