Experiment Night…

Well I had an interesting experimental evening on wednesday 6th Feb 2013. I attended a mediumship development class and took along various equipment in an attempt to ‘measure’ spirit interaction in a trance mediumship session. The whole ‘Ghost Buster’ type scenario has been of interest to me for some time, and the group provided the perfect opportunity to attract a good pool of spirit energy, from which to conduct this investigation.
Equipment used…
1 x Chair (upholstered and with metal legs and frame)
1 x Compass
1 x SLR Camera (Canon 5D Mark III with 17-40L USM Lens)
1 x Compact Camera (Canon Powershot A710 IS)
2 x Torches (to see by when lights off)
2 x Polaroid infra red light emitters
2 x Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Detectors
1 x Infrared Thermometer (Range -50 to 550 Degrees Centigrade)
Basic operating scenario…
A lighting rig containing the 2 x Polariod IR lights was erected approximately 2.5 Metres distant from the trance medium’s chair (directly facing the medium). The Camera was positioned just behind the lights on a tripod. The compass was placed adjacent to, and also directly centred underneath the medium’s chair. The EMF detectors were positioned as follows, 1 x detector directly behind the medium’s chair at a distance of approximately 8 inches and alternatively directly under the medium’s chair. 1 x detector was deployed in the circle of support mediums surrounding the medium’s chair. The IR Thermometer was laser sighted at a point central to and either side of the medium’s feet.
A selection of mediums (including myself) were invited into the chair to bring a spirit forward under trance in individual sessions lasting between 10-15 Minutes whilst measurements were established by (myself when not sitting) and certain other persons within the group. Lighting in the room was OFF but some lighting from outside through High Level windows was evident.


Photographic evidence:

The SLR results were disappointing and inconclusive. Even at an ISO up to 25,600 the Camera failed to capture a clear image under IR lighting. I can only conclude that the anti aliasing (AA) filter on this High-Spec piece of equipment was too strong. The IR Lighting effectiveness was also diminished by virtue of the interference from outside lighting. The Compact (presumably having the weakest AA Filter) did perform adequately at a base of ISO 800 (on night portrait setting), although IR Light fall-off due to contamination from outside lighting and diminished lighting power allowed only a short operating period of about 30 Minutes. The Photographs below from the A710, illustrate ‘blue-energy’ effects captured during the exercise.

Compass evidence:

The compass showed true magnetic North when placed at floor level approximately 12 inches from the L.H.S. of the medium’s chair. However, when placed centrally underneath the chair, the magnetic North shifted position some 30 Degrees East. This was interesting and repeatable. When the medium’s chair was removed the compass headed true North. When the chair was replaced, the compass shifted 30 Degrees Eastward. This also happened when the chair was replaced by random and unoccupied chairs (of the same manufacture) from around the room.

EMF Detector evidence:

The EMF Detectors worked best at the rear of the mediums’s chair. Whilst the room showed a general level of EMF activity between 1.5 and 4 Milligauss in places. The EMF readings maxed out at 8 to 15 Milligauss when placed behind the chair (and only when the medium was in trance). This seems conclusive, as such evidence was repeatable albeit with some variation in Milligauss measured between 8 and 15 Milligauss.

Infrared Thermometer evidence:

The IR Thermometer registered ambient temperature around the medium’s feet at 18 to 20 Degress Centigrade prior to trance, with a reduction in temperature to 16/17 Degrees during trance. Although it was later reported that support mediums sitting directly behind the medium’s chair felt hot during a medium’s trance. This evidence also seems conclusive as it was repeatable.

Possible future steps…

It would be interesting to establish if the compass variation recorded during this experiment showed similar results had a wooden framed chair been used.

It would be interesting to check temperature variation at the rear of the medium’s chair during trance, where support mediums had reported increased heat during trance.

It would be interesting to see if the use of a Lens mounted IR Filter would make a difference to the SLR reading or perhaps, an IR-modified camera could realise similar or different results to the photographs posted below.

Photographs showing blue light energies during trance:

Blue light energy Picture 2


Blue Light Energy Picture




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