So this is Christmas…

Hello everybody and here we are again at Christmas, a religious festival and possibly time for some, to meet or greet family and friends. However, this period and the coming New Year also, is a time to reflect and consider past events and evaluate also where we (or the World at large) are going with our lives. So…

  • Is it about the Christmas Tree? No.
  • Is it about gifts and presents? No.
  • Is it about being with our family and friends? No.

We can all become wound up in the gaiety of celebrations and pious rites, in the name of our oft-coincidental religious faiths. What we should not lose sight of however, is the fact that, regardless of one’s own religious stand point; anecdotally at least, a man was born into the World at this time 2000+ Years ago, who eventually gave up his life in the name of promoting World Peace, ‘irrespective of Religion’.

This individual, whom we have all heard of, was born a person first and foremost. He was delivered to us, to provide a simple message to other human-beings, in fact he even left us ten simple rules to follow, to ensure our future well being when living together.

It is time now to remove the shrouds, that have been cast over our eyes and hearts in the name of Religion, and accept one simple fact. We were all born equal! It is our collective responsibility, to provide a duty of care over all life on this earth and the best way to set the example, would be to start with our fellow human-beings.

My message, is equally as simple as that from above, ‘Do Not’ go forward into the New Year as an indoctrinated robot. Make that change for the better. Embrace the ten rules and put being a loving, caring human-being, before religious dogma or anything else. Let us create a New and enlightened World together, Now!

Love, Peace and Blessings.



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