Using Spiritualist Tools

A guide to ‘charging’ and using spiritual tools
Set the scene, hydrate yourself, sit comfortably, perhaps lower the lights a bit (better still light a candle if it is a safe enough environment to do so) relax, say a few relaxation mantras or just count backwards slowly from 100 or so and clear your mind.
Start with a prayer….
Divine Father and creator of all we perceive
Grant us thy peace
We ask permission to work in thy name
And for your divine  love and protection
Help us in our task ahead
Please allow our spirit guides and helpers to draw close
Cleanse and energise these tools we wish to use
In order that they may assist us in our task
Allow us to use our intuition wisely
For the good of others
Draw down pure brilliant white light energy and imagine the object you are using being charged with this energy.
[ Continue to describe the task, pendulum, divination, crystal reading etc and the reason/use to which these will be put. Then proceed to the task ].
Sometimes it takes a while for spirit energy to build up sufficiently, to enable the task to be completed, but focus on the task with your third eye and solar plexus, a little patience and ensuring one remains calm will achieve the objective. If the exercise does not bear fruit first time then do not despair or tire of it, simply go through the above routine and come back to it again a few times over a longer period, in order to allow a more gradual build up of energy.
Upon completion of the task a short prayer of thanks…
Divine Father we offer our gratitude and thanks
For helping us to complete our task
We thank you for sending spirit energies to assist us
And we thank our guides and helpers too
Please place a blessing on us all
And allow any surplus positive energy
To be sent around the world for healing
To where it is required most.
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