Mediumship First Steps…

It seems a lovely feature, the prospect for a shy individual to live quietly, not having to shout to be heard or be the centre of attention, nor even to interact in a moderate manner whilst there is the easy option of being able to shrink back into the shadows whilst others speak, even sometimes, on their behalf.

However, when following the path of spiritual development there comes a time when the quiet one must speak, especially if following the path of a spirit medium. This, by default, is a path that should have only one ultimate objective, that being the purpose of helping, and bringing light, love and even comfort to others through spirit communication.

The first point then is obvious. How can one impart messages of love, peace and faith, if one is not willing or able to articulate a message from spirit when called upon to do so through the process of mediumship? For this point perhaps it would be wise speculate on the reasons why such a task may seem so difficult!

The medium is frightened of a message not being taken/accepted
The medium is concerned that their message may seem inferior, not as clear or as detailed, when compared to that delivered by other mediums
The medium may genuinely have a ‘fear’ of public speaking

In order to answer some of these concerns, one must consider the natural course that mediumship  development shoul take. From my own experience, this can be summarised as follows in the context of the above issues:

The medium should be taught that fear (items 1 and 3) is a negative element and as such can block spirit communication and also halt, or significantly reduce progress in developing their ability to communicate with spirit. Overcoming such fear is what sets the medium apart from the non-medium. The ability to exercise control over one’s emotions is also crucial when having to channel messages from spirit that often include their own emotional messages. These must be acknowledged (and in a shadow-like manner, experienced) in order to be passed on, yet must not be absorbed, retained  nor otherwise be allowed to influence the medium’s own well-being after a message or reading has been delivered.

For item 2, the medium should be taught that comparison of apparent ability with respect to other mediums is fundamentally flawed. This is important to understand,  as we all start at different stages of ‘ability’ and develop (fine tune) our respective energy centres and intuitive skills further, relative to the strength of our clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance etc. There is also another, perhaps even more important matter to consider with this also. That is, such concerns as may arise from comparisons with others may be a product of ego, another pit-fall the medium must be wary of, when seeking to avoid any potential for attracting negative energy. 

The second point, which follows on nicely from the first is, if the medium is unable to overcome shyness and an inability to communicate with others, then the spirit guides providing the link to spirit, will not be able to progress and bring further energies forward for spirit communication. The analogy is similar to a blockage in a pipe! Messages from spirit flow freely on the basis of a link being established and messages being relayed. If the message is not relayed, then the process stalls and the spirits cease to communicate. It takes a great deal of energy for a medium, their spirit guide and links on spirit side, to attenuate the harmonics necessary to establish a clear link. Such energy is easily knocked off-balance if there is not a steady flow, as comes from passing on information as it is received.

There is no doubt that the shy person has a lot to overcome when seeking to become a spirit medium, but the task is not impossible given the right frame of mind, necessary learning and encouragement, and the opportunity to progress. I hope the above helps people faced with such matters, to accept and understand that lack of confidence or other concerns are merely a human barrier. A hurdle which can be overcome when one awakens one’s own spiritual essence and directs one’s energies to that higher plane, where the physical is left behind in grounding, in order that spirit energies may blend unencumbered to facilitate the process of mediumship.

What should be perceived as interesting about the above philosophy is that it applies to everybody starting out in mediumship. The traits and issues discussed are not just those of shy people but all people. Equally the same rule applies in application, there is no quick fix, a person will stand only when they feel confident enough to do so. Do not dwell then, on all the possible reasons why one should not provide a message to those ready to receive it. Instead relate and meditate upon the above and get to the point when you can understand for yourself why you should. The benefits of providing the message (with personal responsibility) far outweigh the concerns. For both the medium and the recipient!

If you have ever ridden a bicycle then think back. When you first set off you may have been a bit wobbly at first and maybe even crashed out once or twice. With the steadying hand of spirit to guide you,  you will soon get the hang of the bike that is being a spirit medium.

Go on…get on the bike!


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