Raising Vibration to Communicate with Spirit

I was recently asked how I raise vibration to communicate with spirit?
Firstly one must be sat in a comfortable position.
Then ensure thorough grounding to differentiate physical body from spirit form.
Cleanse the spirit with prayer and place protection (one could imagine being surrounded by pure white light).
Vibrations are increased with positive energy feelings so yes be happy and uplifted. Also say preparatory prayers and include prayers for your spirit guide(s).  However, it is also important to acknowledge with humility, the reasons WHY one is ‘working’ with spirit. Generally it is for the greater good, but one needs to relate in this, to those that are less fortunate and those who are suffering, in order to attune with spirit in a shared love and compassion for human kind. This places emphasis on the aspect that we are working from a basis of peace and love for others and not self gratification or ego. In effect one must go down to go up!
After this period of adjustment and refocus the spirit guides should then step in to commence the linking process with spirit, when, free of any outside or internal distractions, the medium should then be free to connect to spirit and provide messages or philosophy etc unhindered. 
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