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Donation from Justice Lebron…

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Past lives revisted…

I Remember… When I was but a young boy. I see through a vignette, a window to… Medieval times? I run and play, youthful, Young thoughts of a different kind. Then something! A floating feeling I watch a skinny body, … Continue reading

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There is nothing you or I can do about it!

I lay here, waiting to die Looking ahead at the room but not seeing it Waiting… My mind racing. I can see my loved ones around me In the peripheral vision of my glazed eyes As I stare straight ahead … Continue reading

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Tourism in Spain and its effects

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Lost on the journey of life…

Although some people can have few others that they may be able to rely upon, there comes a time when they feel they need a confidante, or an independent viewpoint to help them see a way forward in life. It … Continue reading

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It comes…

There will be labour pains during the birth of the new spirit That child may appear ugly at first with many wrinkles It will be unsure and vulnerable just as any child Its walk will be clumsy though the heart … Continue reading

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Something to think about…

I wonder if people in society, will ever be capable of meeting the basic challenges asked of them… 1 Have faith in God. 2 Do not bow down to or worship idols. 3 Do not misuse the name of God. … Continue reading

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London bombings (June 2017)…

The terrorists in London last night shouted out that their terrible actions towards others were for Allah. Normal Brits as a consequence, claimed that Allah must therefore be evil. How sad and misguided that people can be misled in such … Continue reading

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Recent Manchester (UK) Bombing…

I recently posted on astralunity’s facebook pages (link button is on the RHS of this site), about the Manchester Arena bombing and a contrasting post regarding Najih Shaker Al-Baldwai, a muslim man who shielded innocents from a suicide bomber recently, … Continue reading

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Do not be swayed…

Nobody knows how long they have and there is so much more to do You may be tempted from your path and that is up to you As you get close to seeing the light the deception becomes so clear … Continue reading

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